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X-Men Cyclops EAA-067 Action Figure - Previews Exclusive

Bring the extremely powerful X-Men leader Cyclops, into your Egg Attack Action collection! The fully poseable action figure EAA (Egg Attack Action) Cyclops figure incorporates the proportions of the Egg Attack Action scale with a fully poseable body and high-elasticity fabric, making the figure faithful to the design from the original comics. A weathered and dirty finish will be combined with the cute design and life-like effects to re-create Cyclops dressed in his classic blue battlesuit and the iconic ruby-quartz visor. In addition to the multiple interchangeable mouth shapes and hand gestures which can be mixed and matched according to your display scenario. The figure also includes special-effect accessories so that Cyclops can shoot out destructive beams proportional to the scenario and his level of fury.
ETA April 2019
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